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Medical Professionals

Do you have a patient who has been permanently-sidelined from the sport they love?

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Our three-prong program has been developed based on research in sports psychology to help permanently-sidelined athletes cope with their loss, feel supported, connect with one another, and eventually move forward in a positive light. Perhaps you're wondering as an athletic trainer or physician, 'How do I help my sidelined patient?' Below we’ve offered some suggested resources to help get you started. Be sure to check out our Tools tab for new resources added regularly.


Read our research-based resources to assist in promoting a healthy adjustment and psychological recovery following career-ending injury, health condition, or repeat concussions. Utilize our resources to learn how to better support your patient through the process of grief, loss, and transition forward.  Below we have linked a few articles that can serve as a starting point. Have a direct impact with your patients by referring sidelined athletes and their parents to Sidelined USA’s free resources.



Help connect your sidelined athlete-patient with others who personally understand the pain they’re going through. Through our podcast series, we share inspiring personal stories of sidelined athletes who have come full circle and found a meaningful way forward. We host an online connection group where sidelined athletes can share experiences, reach out for support, and interact with others who have also sidelined. We also host a connection group for parents of sidelined athletes. Learn more below. 


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New Pursuits

At Sidelined USA we inspire permanently-sidelined student athletes find new fulfillment and adapt to their new reality in a meaningful way by re-engaging with the sports world through alternate avenues. Click the button below to learn more.

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