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Reuniting sidelined athletes with their passions


Struggling to help your son/daughter who has been sidelined? We exist to help you both.

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Our program is three fold and is structured by sports psychology to help your son/daughter cope with their loss, feel supported, and eventually move forward in a positive light. Our program consists of resources, connection, and mentorship. Perhaps you're wondering as a parent, 'Where do I start?' Below we have mapped out the path to a healthy adjustment for your child.


For dedicated athletes, losing the ability to compete in the sport they love is devastating. Read our free research-based resources to assist in promoting a healthy adjustment and psychological recovery following career-ending injury/health condition/repeat concussions. Parents learn how to help and support their child while athletes gain practical tools in finding a meaningful way forward. Below we have linked a few articles that can serve as a starting point as you think through how to support your sidelined athlete. Click here to access recommended articles for your child. 



Sidelined athletes need to know they’re not alone.
Sidelined USA creates spaces for sidelined athletes to come together as a community and engage with one another. We do this in two ways. We have a monitored online connection group done over Facebook where sidelined athletes can share experiences, reach out for support, and interact with others who are also sidelined. We also conduct interviews with sidelined athletes who share their inspiring stories and offer advice to other sidelined athletes. Take a look at the links below to learn more. 



At Sidelined USA we help permanently-sidelined
student-athletes find new fulfillment and adapt to their new reality in a meaningful way. Through Sidelined’s mentorship program, permanently-sidelined student-athletes are given the opportunity to re-engage with the sports world through alternate avenues. When your child is ready you may consider encouraging them to try to be back involved in their sport through alternate avenues. Just because they're sidelined does not mean they can no longer be a part of their sport . . . it just will look different. 

Reach out to Sidelined USA

Do you ever wish you could talk to other parents of sidelined athletes? Do you wish your sidelined athlete had another sidelined athlete to talk to? Our organization was founded by permanently-sidelined athlete, Cade Pinalto (President), and his mother, Christine (Executive Director). We'd love to personally reach out to both you and your child to talk with you and walk you through anything you might be struggling with! Fill out the form here to connect with us.