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What is Sidelined USA?

A growing number of student-athletes are unable to continue to compete in their sport due to career-ending injuries, health conditions, or repeat concussions. They’ve been locked out of their passions due to circumstances outside of their control.

Sidelined USA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization which exists to reunite permanently-sidelined athletes with their passions and equips them to find a meaningful way forward through resources, connection, and new pursuits.

Sidelined USA inspires permanently-sidelined athletes to face the obstacle imposed on them, adapt, and overcome. Additionally, our team engages in educational and advocacy initiatives to raise awareness for improved after-care of medically disqualified athletes.

“Sidelined USA is vital and significant to the athletic community and beyond because there’s power in this — in former athletes sharing their stories and testimonials about their transition. We all have a thing in common that we go through pain and we are struggling. It’s important to get that message out — that you can overcome it and get through it.”
— Johnathan Franklin, Former Running Back, Green Bay Packers, Sidelined in 2014

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14-32% of all competitive athletes are forced to retire due to career-ending injuries
— Allison & Meyer, 1988; Werther & Orlick, 1986

“If a program like Sidelined USA existed when I was sidelined in soccer, I think I would have realized that I’m not alone. It would have helped me get through my depression and the hard times faster. I would have realized the importance of the mental side of it and that it’s okay to be wrestling with these things . . . and it’s okay to confront those things. I would have found my inner peace and my inner happiness a lot faster.”
— Erin Walter, Former Midfielder, Saint Louis Athletica, Sidelined 2009

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