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Practical Advice on How to Move Forward From a Career-Ending Injury or Diagnosis

an interview with Matt Brown, PhD, Sports Psychology

In today’s interview, Matt shares his findings from years of research and personal experience about what a healthy adjustment to career-ending injury looks like. He provides insights into the grief process of letting go of the sport you love when your doctors tell you that your days of competition are over. 

What is the coping process like for these athletes after they are told they can no longer compete?

How can they move forward in acceptance of their new reality? 

What should you say to an athlete who has recently been told they can no longer participate in the sport they love?

How can parents help their son/daughter who has experienced a permanently sidelining injury or diagnosis?

If you know a permanently sidelined athlete, please share! This really is a must-see interview that has the potential for helping so many permanently sidelined athletes.


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