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Sidelined Stories

 Watch interviews of sidelined athletes who overcame their setback of being sidelined. Explore their journey through their ups and downs. 

Episode 2

Enjoy the podcast version of Eric's story below:

Episode 1

Eric Buck, Athletic Trainer

The story of Eric Buck, an avid athlete who was permanently sidelined in middle school. Hear his story from his diagnosis to his resolution. Eric speaks of the hardships of being permanently sidelined and of how he was able move forward in life, recognizing he was more than just a competitor on the court.


Matt Brown, Sports Psychologist

The story of Matt Brown, an extremely talented football player from Canada who was permanently sidelined in college. Hear his story from his injury to his resolution. Matt talks about the hardships of being told he could no longer play football and how the event of his injury would forever change his life.