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Connection Groups

We host and monitor free online connection groups so you can engage with others sharing your experience. We have groups for both “sidelined athletes” and “parents of sidelined athletes”. Participating in these groups means that you don’t have to walk through this transition feeling isolated or alone.

We are stronger together and by sharing our experiences with one another, we can help alleviate one of the worst parts about being permanently-sidelined . . . feeling like nobody really “gets it” and that there’s not a natural place to talk about the internal struggle past those first few months.

The truth is, it can take months and years for athletes who have been forced to give up their sport due to medical reasons to come to a point of personal acceptance and feel hopeful about the future moving forward. By sticking together, we support each other no matter how long it takes to find our “new normal”.

Are you a sidelined athlete? Connect with other sidelined athletes.

Are you a parent of a sidelined athlete? Connect with other parents of sidelined athletes.