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Reuniting sidelined athletes with their passions
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Help Your Sidelined Athletes Find a Meaningful Way Forward

The Support We Offer Medical Professionals

Breaking the difficult news to your athlete-patients that they are no longer able to compete in the sport they love is an unfortunate reality at times. Sidelined USA provides you with resources to support your patients during this difficult transition. 

Sidelined offers resources and services to your permanently-sidelined athlete-patients, at no cost to you or your patients.  By simply offering our brochures to your qualified patients and their families, you can connect them to free resources created to address their unique challenges. Request your free brochures by clicking the red button below. 

Who Qualifies For Our Services?

  • Any athlete who must discontinue his/her sport due to injury, health condition, or repeat concussions

  • Any member of the athlete's support network (parents, guardians, spouses, etc.)

What We Do

  • RESOURCES - We publish research-based articles and interviews to assist in a healthy adjustment and emotional recovery. Resources are written for both the athletes as well as those in their support network. 

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  • CONNECTION - We connect sidelined athletes to others who have experienced career-ending injury/health condition through our online connection groups and our Sidelined Stories interviews. Additionally, we have online connection groups for parents/guardians of sidelined athletes as they look to support their son/daughter in a healthy adjustment. 

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  • NEW PURSUITS - Sidelined USA exists to reunite permanently sidelined athletes with their passions. We inspire sidelined athletes to reconnect with their passions through alternate avenues.

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Our Inception

Co-founder and sidelined athlete, Cade Pinalto, shares his story and why he started Sidelined.

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“Having to break bad news is never easy but understanding your athlete is vital to having a successful conversation. Allowing an alternative to competing personally gives the athlete another way to cope and move forward. Having Sidelined USA's information to give is helpful in continuing that conversation and progression.”

-Dr. aneesh garg, sidelined usa medical director, orthopedic surgeon

Interested in Brochures?

By offering our free resources to your permanently-sidelined patients, you can take part in our mission and communicate to your patients that you want to help them  FIND A MEANINGFUL WAY FORWARD.


“Removing athletes from their sport is a big deal, and I am glad to be part of a program that takes such a comprehensive approach to that discussion as well as provides resources during this difficult period of transition.”

- Dr. Anthony Savino, Sidelined USA Contributor, Neurologist