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Reuniting sidelined athletes with their passions
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Sidelined USA With NCSA

A Partnership to Help You Find a Meaningful Way Forward


The Partnership

This partnership was born from NCSA’s desire to find a better way to help their student-athletes who experience health issues that sideline their athletic career.

What We Do

Sidelined serves the community of permanently-sidelined athletes in three ways:

  • RESOURCES - We publish research-based articles and interviews to assist in a healthy adjustment and emotional recovery. Through Sidelined USA, sidelined athletes are empowered with practical tools to help them move forward.

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  • CONNECTION - Sidelined athletes need to know they are not alone. We connect sidelined athletes to others who have experienced career-ending injury/health condition through our online closed Facebook group and our Sidelined Stories interviews. 

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  • NEW PURSUITS - Sidelined USA exists to reunite permanently sidelined athletes with their passions. We inspire sidelined athletes to reconnect with their passions through alternate avenues.

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Our Inception

Co-founder and sidelined athlete, Cade Pinalto, shares his story and why he started Sidelined.


“Partnering with Sidelined USA is something that really aligns with the giveback initiatives of NCSA. We work with tens of thousands of athletes every year, and unfortunately, some of them end up with career-ending health injuries. Sidelined USA and their wonderful network can really help these athletes discover their new passions.”

-NCSA President, Lisa Strasman

Why Sidelined USA?

We at Sidelined USA know that being sidelined is a devastating experience. We understand the unique challenges permanently sidelined athletes and their families face and we're here to help. Contact us to learn more about our services. 

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