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depression and the sidelined athlete

an interview with Sue Rosenstock, Co-founder umttr (You Matter)

Following a sidelining back injury, Sue's teenage son Evan fell into depression. Being separated from his sport and feeling uncertain about his future prospects with his athletic aspirations, Evan began to feel hopeless. Despite efforts to get Evan the help he needed, sadly Evan lost his battle with depression just four short months later. In this touching interview, Sue shares their story and how the creation of the organization honoring Evan's life, umttr, is working to prevent other students from ever feeling alone or desperate. 

If you are aware of a sidelined athlete struggling with depression, it is essential to monitor continuously for suicide risk. To learn more, see our newest resource, Suicide Prevention and Awareness for Supporters of Sidelined Athletes

Practical Advice on How to Move Forward From a Career-Ending Injury or Diagnosis

an interview with Matt Brown, PhD, Sports Psychology

In today’s interview, Matt shares his findings from years of research and personal experience about what a healthy adjustment to career-ending injury looks like. He provides insights into the grief process of letting go of the sport you love when your doctors tell you that your days of competition are over. 


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